Let Me Love You
by Ms Krazie

if you let me girl i will love you
girl i will show you what you mean to me
if you let me baby i promise
no one will ever make you cry again

baby take me away, away from the pain
let me feel the rain drops fall all over my face
sitting outside in the middle of no where
its all good just as long as your there
make me forget about the problems at home
dont pick it up daddy when they call your phone
this is out time and i want to make it something
close my eyes and kiss you right
i just want to be happy and be loved by you
i will start my life something so brand new
when now got me dedicating love songs
and now im feeling like i havent felt in so long
do u remember you where bonning my friend
and now your riding hard with your lady til the end
im so glad that i found somebody so true
it theirs anything to say its that baby i love you


when i see them tears fall from your pertty eyes
when i could tell you the world is tourn apart up inside
this is when i want to get close to you
and show you pertty things that you never knew
lil' mama wont you make a pake with me
that you gona let me love you girl til eternity
we could turn off the lights and get lost in love
cause your my pertty girl in matter fact the only one
and this is why we gona ride together
this is why we gona last forever
your green eyes decorate my life
your lips and your hugs and your kisses every night
make my world complete and this is how i wana be
forget what anybody says just you and me
una bonita que cambio mis dias para siempre
tu y yo por vida


before you came into my world you made my life complete
i was a sad girl before and now im the one you wana keep
and show up to your friends hustle to make ends
our love and pretends is so krazy and we like it
i like the way you got me telling everyday
each and every morning in that special way
lets take a cruise down the blvd.
lets take it easy lets not make this hard
i wana get away and i know where to start
looking at the stars laying down on your trunk
thats right baby boy you know what i mean
prove everybody wrong cause it aint what they think
thank you honey for the person that you are
lets escape somewhere daddy very very far
look into my eyes grab me by the hips
hold me close to you and then kiss my lips

i wana love you girl tonight
it dont matter what anybody says
cause its me and you until the very end
til the end, til the end baby girl
its just me and you
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