Let Me Ease Ya Mind
by Lil' Boosie

Boosie Bad Azz
Come Roll Wit A Real Nigga
I Got You
Let Me Ease Ya Mind
Bring You In My World
Cuz You Done Caught My Eye
And You Can Be My Baby Girl

Wassup Girl how You Doin
wassup wit dem draws girl
can i get into them
i'm looking for somebody
who gonna be somebody
mind made up to be a lawyer so she gonna be somebody
she got problems and she say sex aint the only way to solve em
but let's solve em,
lets jump in my bently and cruise the city with the lights low
go to the boat and blow some stacks and let the dice roll

let me ease ya mind
bring you in my world
cuz u done caught my eye
and you can be my babygirl
it gon be alright(Fuck what dem hataz say)
it gon be alright
cuz you can be my baby girl

I don't know what you been told but im a hustler
yo man aint nuttin but a buster
come wit me tonight
eat what you like big boys im talkin da best
when you get lonely put yo head on my chest it figures
ya never delt wit a nigga my type,
who make ya happy take ya places teach ya game
somethin like ya real daddy
i'm juss tryna ease ya mind,
im tired of hearin over and over all the time
she like boosie i got a boyfriend,
well yo boyfriend aint ballin plus he barely callin
so wassup i got a plane ticket
juss me and you,
im like you scared she like naw now she packin her bags
first class is how we do it let me cater to you
let you shop till yo drop spend some paper on you
watever no matter the pleasure it's betta den you can dream of
thug passion from a real thug
let me ease ya mind
bring you in my world
cause you done caught my eye
and you can be my baby girl
we gon be alright(Fuck wat dem hataz say)
it gon be alright
cuz you can be my baby girl
you been on my mind all night and i can smell ya (And ya smellin right)
and girl i wanna tell ya i will let you ride
take you on a rollercoaster wit me you know
ridin round blowin doe just threw the city
conversatin we laugh talkin bout da future
and da pastime (Da old days)
good luv makin cuz its been so long since the last time
kissin and fuckin stuck in them sheets to the bed
eyes roll back in my head
and she go down on dat head
and this my homey lover friend
the one that i could fuck wit to the end.
I got u girl them hoes aint offen all the world
the niggas either u aint never had a thug like me
go tell yo people when u with its amazing
i give u knowledge teach u game give you wisdom
shit you cant learn in college just be my lady i know how to treat lady
its watever i keep a secret baby
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