You can't close the horizon of possibility down too soon
In other words there shouldn't be a rush to faith, all right
Either you got faith or you don't have faith

At the very moment that i realize i don't have it i'm questing for it
And therefore you know evolving into the faith
And also showing that i got something to hold onto even while i'm questioning what it is

I wanna do what's right now while it's in my brain
Cuz later on man i might not feel the same
And i don't really feel it's right to conceal your pain
It bubbles up inside and people start killin things
So i'm going to let it hang move on to better things
Living in environments where everything's really strange

So many people in this city ain't livin right
And make it so the good people can't chill at night
Just wanna get in fights sit inside an alleyway
Scopin like a predator does until it finds a prey
I pray that ain't me caught up in a dark street
I'd rather spill the oceans on beats and make the songs speak

Reach inside and never hide when i'm feeling down
Many are gone but there's good people still around
To lift you back up and show you light the cats off ****
You just gotta have what a lotta people don't

Faith in whatever you do
Some real ass friends that will forever be true
And even when you feel like you'll never get through
Never forget nobody out there is better than you
We're all the same just some flesh and bone
Some people like to treat you like a stepping stone
They step at you wrong smile at em and remember the song
Sometimes it's better when you let it alone

Well if tomorrow never comes i know i gave it my best
Swtuck with it till it was done and never settled for less
And when i rest i want my name to still be mentioned with praise
Instead of where brother headed in the earlier days
I see a land of opportunity and nobody gives
I guess some folk can build community by teachin a kid

Who am i to judge another man for makin mistakes
I made em too and know i've got a few bad habits to break
But for the sake of other people try to stay on the path
You mama asked me to strength and build a bond that'll last
Forgot the class without the fashion and the flash it was like
And now we're showing some videos showing they asses
Another man with a mike
I'd like to make it but if that's what it is
I'll have to pass on that mistake and stick to rockin the crib
I don't know what rap is but now it's time for a change
And bring it back to how it happened in the early days
Oh you gotta have


Yes sometimes it's better when you let it develop
Until fellas is better way tougher than leather to stack
It's just whether or not i collect my efforts in a method that's correct
And what i classify my best i passify the rest
With a pound and a compliment
I had to try to get off the ground with my confidence
Glad to cry regret
Oh my sound is a noness
And my sadroplay is yes
I'm bound by common sense
Lets crash test the heart
And intellect
Play chicken with ** and religion and what do you get
Well i'm a product of environmental paradox
I had to rock the block party
Shaken by the after shock
I laugh alot at the fools who get juiced up
But the fact is the slaves and the masses produce dust
The truth sucks when it breaks your perception
Take a long look at your reflection and build that, that, that, that...
Lyrics submitted by Zachary Brill.