Left Eye
by Kreayshawn

Ay Sis, well I just seen your boyfriend at the mall with some old dirty ass bitch, man. I'm hella mad. I just had to call you up.

[Hook, Kreayshawn]
Caught my man cheating now I'm Rollin through the west side
'bout to burn this fucken house down Like I'm Left Eye
Rest in peace!
Like I'm left eye
Rest in peace!
Like I'm left eye
'bout to burn this motherfucker down like I'm Left Eye
Heard my man is cheating with another bitch at my house
Now I'm finna make a scene like I'm Amy Winehouse
Rest in peace!
Amy Winehouse
Rest in peace!
Amy Winehouse
'bout to burn this motherfucker down like Amy Winehouse!

[Verse 1]
I don't need no TLC
All I need is THC
Higher than miss Courtney Love
Murder in the first degree
Certainly you got me confused with them stupid broads
Shooting dice in the streets taught me how to play the odds
I find it odd that your twitter page is private
You got two phones, one of them stays silent
Now who the fuck is calling in the middle of the night?
They hang it up when I pick up, I'm bout to grab my knife
You trynna play me like a boss
But you finna take a big loss
When you fall asleep I'm 'bout to cut your fucken dick off
I'm 'bout to call my goons and stick you for you guap
You tell a lot of lies but I let my bullets talk
You think you slick?
But this might be your big regret
Those pictures of your skinny dick are finna hit the internet
I should key your car but I'd rather slap your mom
Only a bitch can give birth to such a fucken dog


[Verse 2]
I'm 'bout to run up in this bitch with choppas like I'm Patty Hearst
Stylish but violent, I'll leave you in a tinted hearse
In my purse I got that .22 to get the job done
V-nasty whips the getaway, you know how I mob son!
I'm Lorena Bobbitt chillin' in your bed
I'm Britney Spears on Hella drugs and I just shaved my head
Fuck the feds and the police
Ain't nobody touchin' me
Thelma and Louise
Suicide girl thuggery!

Lyrics submitted by Mia Atre.