Last Two Dollars
by Johnnie Taylor

Verse 1
A lady at the casino
She lost all her money
She said don’t feel sorry for me
Don’t feel sorry honey
But if you wanna do a lady a favor
Here’s what I want you to do
Just loan me two dollars
Until the next time I see you

These last two dollars
I’m not gonna lose
These last two dollars
I’m not gonna lose
One going for my bus fare
Other one for the juke box
To hear me some blues, gotta hear me some blues

Verse 2
She said I wouldn’t be over here
If my man had been treatin’ my right
I came here to try to catch him, yeah
Cause he been sneakin around every night
But I got caught up over here
Got caught up in this scene
And I put all of my money
In that doggone gambling machine

But these last two dollars…

Verse 1

Vamp Chorus
Lyrics submitted by Rico Mallo.