Last One Standing
by Hot Chelle Rae

i need this like air in my lungs,
this element tears through my bones,
it keeps me fighting.
well i, emotions thatswim through my veins
A fever that shows in my face
im not hiding
and this fire is alive in your eyes

well i can barley breathe
and i can hear the dark hearts marching
i wont go down easily
stay here by my side
and we will be the last ones standing
hold my hand a kiss me before the hearts collide

cold, the feeling of fear on my skin
dying to find a way in the silver lining
the stars they burn out like dreams all around
falling like rain to the ground
but your still shining
and this fire is alive in your eyes

[repeat chours:]

don't wake me up
i feel your touch
your love like blood runs through me
you consume me

[reoeat chours:] (2x)
Lyrics submitted by Sarah.