Last Kiss Goodbye
by Hinder

It's calming down outside, another lonely night
You said you were just going out with your friends
I'm waitin up this time, I hope you didn't lie
It never used to be like this way back when

I never know where you're at
Another train off the tracks
I don't wanna live like that,no

When you walked in so damn late
What the hell was I supposed to think?
When you've had too much to drink
And you're really looking guilty
When you wouldn't even look at me
There's only one thing it could be
You were with him all this time
Here’s one last kiss goodbye

No more alibis
No more little lies
You’ve broken my trust and it can’t be fixed
Should’ve seen the signs
Should’ve recognized
The way your lips looked like they’d been kissed

How'd we end up like that?
Another train off the tracks
It always hurts looking back now

Another lesson learned in life
And I can ask and listen why
Lyrics submitted by Leandra.