Last Chance
by Nicki Minaj

{Nicki Minaj- Verse 1}
I coulda been, had fame
Jump shot wid a stupid a** aim
Cuz you couldn't get around the last name
So ma crossover wins the last game
And it's ill right
Switched up the flow but it's still right
Go back to that, yh, I still might
Imma just do me when I feel right
You can bring it any day
Natural bad a**, NBA
That's my initials
That's why officials
Don't blow the whistle
Bang, Bang, the pistol
And I'm bossy
Can't keep these hoes up off me
Damn, the flow nasty, Coffee
Don't treat me like the Pope and cross me

{Natasha Bedingfield- Chorus}
It's ma Last Chance
Oooohhh, Last Chance
Yh, this is ma Last Chance
Then Shoot
I'm ready to shoot
I'm ready to shoot
I'm ready to shoot
I'm ready to shoot
I'm ready to shooooooot
I'm ready to shoot

{Nicki Minaj- Verse 2}
I get it in though
No sexual innuendo
Nobody that I can just depend on
Until I touch down in the end-zone
And then they come out like roaches
P-p-p-peck it away like vulchers
But little did they know
Distribute the payroll
Pickup the outfit, Pick up the sandals
Sadly, I'm so business savvy
Similar protocol but the templates vary
Never been like me
Never been like this
My flow's a crisis
They scream in high pitch
Gun cock, pause
And I'm well aware of the gun laws
Tell 'em tht I'm runnin for the top floors
Headed to the top dot org


{Nicki Minaj- Bridge}
All the days of ma life
I have been waiting for this time
Could you believe now it's right before ma eyes
Anybody trying to stop me
Better not f*** wid me this time
I'm ready to shoot into the sky-y-y-y-y-y


{Natasha Bedingfield}
Only one chance, One bullet in the gun
This is my life and I only got one
The safety's off and I put it on stun
Stick 'em up, Stick 'em up
Ready to shoot
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