Last Chance
by Ginuwine

if this your favorite song,
turn your radio on,
play it for ur man or ur lady
all day long. x2.

its amazing baby how we let it go
on and on for this long.
you blaming me, im blaming you.
i cant say ur right but u sure aint wrong
girl lately i ive been thinking and
my thoughts are telling me im trippin.
used to say i didnt care,found your bags
packed upstairs.with all the talking
tough im about to lose you.

this is my last chance to love you
im going to play like a grown man
sopposed to. i onlt got one chance
to win you then call me jodan
in quarter two & honnor you.
im gunna do it, no matter what
your gurlfriens say .,im gunna do it
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