King and I Walk Hand in Hand
by The Blackwood Brothers

THE KING AND I Key: C CCLI Number: 60087
W & M by Mosie Lister (1954) © Southern Faith Songs

The King and I, walked down life's road together,
Where many people go passing by,
The greatest one and I a lowly begger,
Walk hand in hand, the King and I.

Why He should care for me will always be a mystery;
He hold the whole world in His hands and who am I?
And so my heart, sometimes can't help but wonder,
Why we're together, the King and I.

You ask me how we have this seal of friendship.
It rests alone in Jesus Christ my Lord.
He died for me, and claims my love and worship,
You read it all, in His true word.

He says I am to live in Him and let Him live in me,
He is the true and only vine and I a branch.
He reigns in heaven, and yet dwells deep within me,
'Tis wonderful, the King and I.
Lyrics submitted by Leon.