Keep On Keepin' On
by JoJo

(beat plays)

poor kids pooring cold water in there cereal
second hand clothes served right in his pivital
pray to god and i things will get better soon
i remember when i was in your position try to tell people
my story but no one would really listen
i know times are hard right now happiness is hard to find right now
you got to keep on keepin on you got to keep your head up how you got to
work with what you got and someday you
will fly

(reapeat chourus)

lookin out the window to the roads across from concrete
dreaming of the day when you'll be standing on your own feet
hard to find the good
in something that seems so bad (seem so sad)
seeing other kids with there tims on
fresh with air ones wish i had one
looking for the day when you'll get your chance to shine
dont worry there will come a time
(repeat chorus x2)

young girls sitting on the steps of the duplex
why did god choose to make my life so complex
breathing to the beat of a slow sad drum
trouble is there only source of fun
i can almost guarantee you that things will get better soon
(reapeat chorus until song fades)
Lyrics submitted by macey.