Well, one of these days I'm sure to wake up dead
No one gets out alive, I've heard it said
I'll reach to the sky and find a hole in the middle
Or look straight down and see Hell's hot griddle
Leapin' the moon with a hey, diddle, diddle

Just passin' through
Just passin' through
And there ain't a damned thing about it you can do

It's a sweet, short ride through a beautiful place
If ya can't dig it, it's a real disgrace
It's a miracle and it's commonplace, and hey
It's gonna happen anyway

Precious Dear, take a good close look at me
You never know if it's the last time you will see
This transitory piece of celestial matter
This little ol' morsel of God's sweet batter
I once was former. I'll soon be latter


Well, it seems to me that a bad rap's laid on death
As though you're weak to breath your own last breath
Well, it ain't as if I don't really love livin'
Not a little bit sick of the taking and the giving
But when I go, it'll all be forgiven

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