Just Passing Through
by Lynda Randle

Spending my life on eternal things, Not on things of time.
I’m gonna live each day for what it brings, but with forever on my mind
Things of time are temporal, they will soon fade away.
Just like fall gives way to winter, seasons come and seasons change.

I’m just passing through, I’m not here to stay.
Got my traveling shoes, on these feet of clay.
I’m just here for awhile, so it matters what I do.
Make it count for Christ, ‘cause I’m just passing through.
Some people have plenty to live on, but nothing to live for.
From noon to night to the break of dawn, they labor but have no joy.
And the things that really matter are the things we often miss.
Blinded by this worlds distraction’s, we lose sight of why we’re here.


We… for Christ, will count this side of heaven.
What is good and what is right, eternity will measure.


I’m gonna make it count for Christ, ‘cause I’m just passing through.
Tags: This world is not my home I’m just a stranger in this land
I’m going home to live with Jesus
I’ve got a home not built by earthly hands.
I’m going home, going home to live with Jesus (Hmm)
That’s my home that’s my home

I’m just a pilgrim Lord I’m just a stranger (Hmm)
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