Just Be Friends
by 50 Cent

first time i hit it was a one nite stand
second time a third time now that wasnt planned
fourth time a fifth time i was in a jam
if i aint fuck with her i had to do with my hand fifty

ima make you love this(love this)
fifty hahah
i said ima make you love this

she had sexy thick thighs pretty brown eyes
innocent look in her face when she told lies
told her man she was wit her girlfiriend when i was wit her
had a grin from ear to ear dog after i hit her
she the type to use her tongue from all the tounge kissing
real freak man we did like in eight positions
when the fireworks went off in other words id nut
lil man went down she got him right back up
for real dog she was far from the lazy hoes i know
got on her top and rode dick like she was doin tae-bo
and one two three four daddy you had enough
nah baby give me some more
started out on the bed ended up on the floor
met her up in d.c. on a nostradomous tour
spend a lil time wit her in the coupe chillin
she lookin in my eyes hope she aint catchin a feelin

chorus x2
i dont want you love me
i wanna fuck and just be friends
it feels good when you hug me
but i got a girl and u got a man

next step i had my head between her legs dummin
i said tell me when you get there shes screamin im comin
you know the routine hit that lick that sit back if the pussy good we could chit chat
if its wack i aint gonna call the bitch back
thinkin ima trick n not hit you can forget that
shorty you got a man you perfect for me
pimp game the bomb it worth it for me
you in a relationship im in a relationship
that dont mean we cant have relationship
see me in the hood hi is enough
you aint gotta give me a hug
just call me when you wanna show me some love

chorus x5

(?)(Chorus continues)
you cant make love and stay there
just give me what i want and be gone
dont want you to love me baby
just be friends jsut be friends
in seperate nites so you could be rite
mmm girl you aint even got to be good to me
just call a man and tell a nig what to do
ohhh drop drawers and be gone baby
drop drawers and be gone baby
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