Joy Terrell Brown [Solo Acoustic Version][#]
by Shawn Mullins

Joy Terrell Brown I've been missing you like a dream
I'm tired of this town,
I'm taking the train to New Orleans
To see some old friend who loved you too
Joy Terrell Brown I'm missing you

I smoked a moonshine morning
And I watched the sun melt down beneath the waves
And somewhere in this life
I've chosen never to look back at yesterday
I've lost some old friends but I've made some new
Joy Terrell Brown I'm missing you

Joy Terrell Brown my mind's been spinning
Round since you've been gone
I'd like to live life sane but the circuits
Of my brain are wired all wrong
You were the first friend I ever knew
Joy Terrell Brown, Joy Terrell Brown I'm missing you
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written by Mullins, Shawn
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