Jesus That's My King
by Kim McFarland

Jesus, when trouble burden me down,
Jesus, I know your loves all around.
Jesus, oh yes That's my king, Jesus that's my king.

Ummmm, Jesus, when troubles burden me down,
I call on name the of Jesus,
But I know that your loves all around
Jesus, Oh that's my king.
Nobody, but Jesus that's my king.

When sorrows gather, And my friends forsake me
I know you'll never let me down,
I know that you'll answer, Whatever,
Whatever betides me, You're just a jewel that I have found.
Oh Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
Your name,---- Is the sweetest name I know. At the name
Jesus, I've got tell it where ever I go

Jesus, Jesus, Oh------------------- That is
That is My king, Oh Jesus that's my King.
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