Jesus Put the Song in My Heart
by Psalty

I tried to sing my song on my own
But then I found out I was singing alone
Then Jesus sang with me
We sang in harmony
Now I’m singing His song
Ooh I’m singing His song

Chorus 2X
Jesus put the song in my heart
He turned my life around
He gave me a treasure, the heart of a servant
Jesus put the song in my heart, a joyful melody
That sings of His wonderful love

2X (3X for the end)
He gave me His love
He sang me His song
And He put a song in my heart

I’m going to live my life differently
By serving the Lord and not serving me
Helping to meet your needs
Following Jesus’ leads
Ooh I’m singing His song
Yes I’m singing His son
Lyrics submitted by Juanita.