Jesus and John
by Lisa Gungor

John he was raised with a steeple over his head
Lived in the suburbs and memorized scripture at night before bed
And he won a prize
Preachers and teachers would tell him where all sinners go
Prayed for revival but showed him a fancy carnival show
Was it a lie
Was it a lie

John saw the lies
He saw the steeples
And saw all the people get it wrong

Went off to college and came home with knowledge to spare,
Of crusades and slave trades, and all of the blood that was spilled in God’s name.
And all of the lies.
But John couldn’t buy it, He just couldn’t buy it again,
Church was too small so he just threw it all up to chaos and chance.
And all of the lies,
All of the lies.

John saw the lies,
Oh, he saw the steeples,
And saw all the people get it wrong.

Jesus sees John,
Jesus sees steeples.
He sees all His people get it wrong.
Trust Jesus, John.
Trust Jesus, people.
Jesus will come and save us all
Lyrics submitted by Laura.