Jackers in My Home
by South Park Mexican

they wipe tears
while i wipe fingerprints of lead
they shoot for the stars
i say shoot for the head
i beleive in good times having peace and fun
but im still in my room trying a grease my gun
cant let get rusty if a shoot out breaks
the only thing i want jamming is my screwed out tape
and tomorrows the big day got my rest
forty five gs out of town lick buyin threst
im all alone my girl said that she couldnt make it
cause she caught a damn cold and her whole body aching
and i feel kinda nervous butterflies in my stomache
but i drift of to sleep realey thinking nothing of it
then something wakes me up and i open my eyes
somebodys in my house im heart broken cause i
couldnt tell my mom bye they finally caught me slippin
im a die like a man homeboy i aint trippin

gun shots to my dome jackers in my home
nothing to fancy just ur averge tombstone
im sorry that i chose the life under the curse
ill be dressed in a suit and finally goin to church

dreams of the cream enemies on diffrent teams
red beans in my house man the shit is so extreme
i saw them dressed up in all black wit da masks
and i new they was comin for the birds and the cash
so i rolled out my bed hit the floor and start crawlin
and this is the price that u pay when u ballin
but how did they get the spare key to my crib
it had to be my bitch she gonna die if i live
usally i keep a black glock on my dresser
and im hearin someone whisper saying los im a get ya
and im knowing its the devil but i pay it no mind
i been dodging that fool ever sice i was nine
gotta make it to the closet were i keep my mossburg
slug shot one hit never speak anotha word
little did i know they had night vision goggles
when they saw me on tha floor boy squeezed on tha throttle

chours x2

shots stared ringing and i was tumbling and diving
running out of time with my mind on surviving
dove out the window but i stared seeing stars
i forgot last week bought some burgler bars
now my face is all wet and i know it aint sweat
bullet hit my leg so i rolled to the left
guess were i was at damn rite in the closet
grab a pump now its my turn to make a deposit
dem slugs aint no punk hit the boy in his back
saw his right leg flyin and it knocked down my lamp
unloaded reloded was a three man army
now they lookin like pinatas at the end of a party
one was still alive so i start asking questions
he could barely talk spittin blood like venom
he said he had a team and that people would rent him
i killed the messengers now i need who sent him

chorus x2
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