I've Just Started Living
by The Cathedrals

If I had hope only here in this world below
I’d be covered with trouble; there’d be no place to go
But then I met Jesus and I started believing
I got filled with His love, washed in His blood
I’ve just started living.

I’ve just started living; I’ve found me a brand new life
He changed my direction and He washed away all my strife
I’m a new born believer, it’s a holy infilling
My load’s getting lighter, my way’s getting brighter
I’ve just started living!

Don’t you look at me funny you old prophet of doom!
I not one bit discouraged and I’m feeling no gloom
‘Cause I’ve got the Spirit and it’s totally thrilling!
I gave up on pouting, got no time for doubting;
I’ve just started living!
Lyrics submitted by Julia Eberly.