I've Already Loved You in My Mind
by Loretta Lynn

Thought I'd never seen a girl like her in her before
And I could see her watching me an I walked across the floor
I asked her if she'd like to dance when the band starts up again
She said, "I never dance with strangers, I don't even know your name"

I said, "We're not exactly strangers, you and I. My thoughts were
Running wild and free as I watched you tonight (while you held metight)
Just(I) think(thought) about it and you'll(I) find, we're not
Exactly strangers, I've already loved you in my mind."

The band started playing a slow moving song
She got up and easily moved into my arms
I kept on saying the things a girl likes to hear
And when the dance was over she whispered in my ear, she said,

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