It Will All Be Worth It
by Mary Mary

It will all be worth it
It will all be worth it
For those who do believe that one day
He will crack the sky
I know you can't see it now
But one day I know you will

We see through a glass, but hardly
A glimpse of future glory, but darkly
Oh, what a day
Imagining what awaits
Amidst all of the criticism
Skeptic views and cynicism
Yet we pray
Just to see Your face
And it will


With every passing of a loved one
The many who've gone on before use
Makes your heart ache
Wondering why the delay
But with every heartbeat your faith grows stronger
And the Lord whispers not much longer
Your should is stirred
And comforted with these words
That it will


You can't see it now, I know [Repeat: x2]
But one day I know you will
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written by Campbell, Warryn / Winans Jr, Marvin
Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing