It Just Has to Be This Way
by Reba McEntire

the sound of your voice
the touch of your skin
if we go there it will start all over again
so dont even call
theres no need for checkin in
if its really over
let it just be over
no we wont be shareing coffee
or having lunch from time to time
i wont ask about your family
please dont ask me about mine
this is never what i wanted
and its killing me to say
it just has to be this way

we gave all we could
we fought the good fight
but no matter how we loved we just couldnt get it right
it hurts to let go
but its harder hanging on
i dont want it to be over
we know that its over

(repeat chorus)

and even if i change my mind
ohh let me hug you one more time
stay away from me
be as cold as you can be

(repeat chorus)
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