I know the odds look stacked against you. And it seems there's no way out. I know the issues seem unchangeable, and that there's no reason to shout.

CHORUS: But the impossible, is God's chance, to work a miracle, a miracle. So, just know, it ain't over, until God says it's over. it ain't over, until God says it's dont (no no no no no). It ain't over, until God says it's over. Keep fighting until your victory is won.

He never said it would be easy. (Not always gonna be easy, but you're a winner) but you're a winner in the end. (Jesus defeated) Jesus defeated all your enemies (way before the fight began) Way before the fight began.


When people say you can't, remember, (He can, He can). When you don't know what you're gonna do, please remember (He handles everything). He will free you from your sins and give you peace within. So you better hold your head up high. You're gonna win (you're gonna win). Yes you're gonna win.


Keep pressing (keep pressing) Progressing (progressing) Keep moving (keep moving) It ain't over (it ain't over. Keep reading (keep reading) Interceeding (interceeding) Keep believing (believing) keep believing, cause it ain't over (it ain'tover) NO! Keep pressing (keep pressing) You better, keep on trying (keep trying) Keep travelling (travelling) Why, it ain't over (it ain't over) NO (no). You better keep on living (keep living) Keep on giving (keep giving) Whatever it takes, whatever it takes. Keep going, keep going, cause it ain't over (it ain't over) NO! It ain't obver (it ain't over) h no, but the devil meant to take you out. Oh, the Lord is making it for your good. Oh no, it ain't over (it ain't over)
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