Is Pal Mein
by Penn Masala

Is pal mein yahaan, hum rahengey sadaa
Will we remain in this moment forever…
Ya ban jayengey hum aur tum, koi afsana?
Or will you and I become just a story?
Khwaab hai yey, kahin tootey na
This is a dream, let us not let it break
Is meethi neend se mujhey, na jagaana
Don’t wake me from this sweet sleep

I can’t remember when the sirens were clear
When the dust on your smile, had erased all the tears
Broken promises and old memories
And the sound of your voice every time I sleep

Cause when I close my eyes
I can hear your haunting lullaby (and)
The echoes fill my mind
As silence fades inside
With visions of your face
I can feel my heart begin to race
The melody’s inside of me
I hear her in my dreams


The arrows of your words fell straight through my heart
But the pain that I feel has been there from the start
Now it seems to me that I know the truth
That the love in my heart will be aside from you


Sab sun liya mainey, sab bol liya mainey, kehna baaki hai kya?
I’ve heard everything, I’ve said everything, what is left to say?
Ab thaan liya mainey, samajh liya mainey, dekhni rehti hai saari duniyan!
I’ve decided now, I’ve understood now, I have yet to see the whole world!


Phool jo diye and aur woh chitthiyan
Such flowers you gave me and those letters
In khaton ki mehek mein khogayi, saari khushiyan
In the scent of those letters all happiness was lost
Khoj rahey they, woh to na paaya
We couldn’t find what we were searching for?
Jaaney kab aa gayi humary beech, yey dooriyan
Who knows when these distances came between us?

Lyrics submitted by Bob Smith.