Intro/Brand New Show (Skit)/Welcome to the Thr33 Rings
by T-Pain

say hello to my lil freind hey stars change up like lil kim face I let heaat swang T-Pain so active homie the way thebeat bump it's time to get proactive homie dannnnnnng . but cleared the rummors now you know how big the room is tell the truth man they can't handle it they think a niga slicker than a manase sandwitch but they be gggget dang puase this niga pocket fater than this niga career big like granny drause had to get a piano come put his granny on yeah frirarie Bently escalande baema j cay coup look J lets get payed O.K lets get payed tranfagimie I don't nothing like I just did it like a faggie did it i don't care i'm a did what i
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