by Mariah Carey

We were two little people
Wrapped up in this big ol' world (Oh, oh)
Drifting out of space, out of place
Just a boy and girl (Oh, oh)

Prechorus 1:
Then you took my hand
And made me a part of you
And I look in your eyes
And saw all my dreams come true

You did the impossible
You rescued my love
You did the impossible
See I had almost given up

And now I love you like summertime, love you like cherry wine
Love you like free money, like a preacher loves Sunday
Love you like a freeze pop, love you like a milkshake
Love you like a high school girl on a first date
Love you like shooting stars, love you like a muscle car
Love you like we're destined, love you like my lover and my best friend
You did the impossible

And I
I'm gonna need all your attention
Close the door
I wanna do things I probably shouldn't mention
Like a bird
I'm gonna hum those 3 words
I love you, I love you, I love you
Freeze the time, let the world go by
If you're mine, say
You love me, you love me, you love me

Prechorus 2:
Boy take my hand
And make me a part of you
And the love that you gave to me
Helped pull me through


And now I love you like sunsets, bubble baths on the jet
Love you like kool-aid, Louis millionaire shades
Love you like sugar daddies, love you like a pimp caddy
Love you like a holiday, duncan hines yellow cake
Love you like a spa day, (????????)
Love you like Louis Vuitton heels and a mini skirt
Love you like an ascher cut, pink and white...
Love you like we're laying in bed bumping Jodeci

And I'm "Forever Your Lady"
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