I'm Nothing With Out You
by Conejo

Verse 1
I was A Youngster When the Gypsy Women told me about the honeys in my life and how tightly they would hold me I Didn't believe her puppy love back then with this spooky little girl from around the way that shit was fucked up cuz the homies want to fuck her theres a war going on ducking bullets motherfucker and maybe I'm trippin and it's all in my head stabbed me in the back when she should have shot me dead now I'm drinking trying to drown myself in sorrow empty out than bottle the the cocaine will follow this stuff has got me wired like I murder for hire I'm acting like a buyer just to jack the supplier I'm living suicidal death was passing me buy and I just want to see it with my own two eyes there she was and it was true ("I'll Kill that bitch") I Shoulda killed you both but I'll be sad without you

I'm Nothing without you (I'm nothing without you)
I'm Nothing without you (Your always on my mind girl)
I'm Nothing without you (24/7)
I'm Nothing without you (That's right girl)
I'm Nothing without you, nothing without you x8

I was rememberin what the gypsy woman said that teyl be another cutey with the long black hair I had issues and i needed an escape we was in the same position so we stayed up late we talk for hours and it felt so right especially when we fucked for the very first time it was diffrent but why you have to be so distant i was sitting up in prision i can say i really missed it man ma you aint change a bit n you said youl be around when my time was finished i parol baby and you took me home i was there by your side i never left you alone so dam babe why you have to leave me now when your the only friend that i kno of now i'm felling evil for what it did to us cuz even tho we parted ways we expirienced love


Now i found myself among all these Wicked Woman me being buzzed is like the fucking unforgiven their so cold thats why my heart so cold so when you look into my eyes you see the shit juz froze i see her in my mind but Wer Da Fuck she at cuz if she only knew that i was down like that she be with it shel be like daddy juz hit it of da corner of my eye babys rollin rite it was clear cuz she'll come over from college she aint talk about school cuz itl screatch my knoledge a bit younger she caught me checkin her ass counting my money(feria) is that you in the glass just come back girl i made her leave her man he aint nothing without you his from the rival gang i'l fucking smoke him if the punk wanna play This is conejo dont play mija just come my way

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