I'm Mr. Jody
by Marvin Sease

It finally happened.
I got a call the other day,
and uh it was a very strange call.
Yes it was.
A man called me, he said,"Mister,
please let me speak to my wife."
I said to him who is it,(ha)who
Should I say is calling?
He said,"You mean to tell me
You don't know my name
After all I've done for you."
I asked him what do you mean
What do you mean
Mister what do you mean what you done for me?
He said,"Well,I'm the man
Who bought that car your riding in,
And I'm same man
Who bought all those clothes,
All those clothes that you wear.
He said I know you must think I'm a fool,
But if that's what it takes
To keep the little fine thang he said
I don't mind, I shoal don't mind,
Mister I don't mind being yo fool.
But tell me one thang mister.
What is it, you got,that I don't have?
And what do you do that I don't do
That make her stay out all night long,
All night long from me?"
Y'all I froze
I froze like a block ah ice.
I didn't know what to say to him,
Before I knew it these words came to my mind.
Lyrics submitted by Shawn Thomas.