The hottest under the sun
Ain't nobody fucking with me man
eh, you already know that pimpin'
Cash money records where dreams come true
fukk up maa dream
somebody gonna die tonight
EH, you already know that pimpin'
hey its cash money records man a lawless game

[Verse 1]
unfucking believeable,
Little Wayne's the president!
Fuck em, Fuck em, Fuck em,
even if they celebant
i know the game is crazy, It's more crazy than its ever been,
I'm married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federline,
and its obvious that he'll be cash money till the death of him
the ground shall break when they bury him, bury him?
i know one day they gotta bury him,
better lock my casket tight baby so i don't let the devil in,
nigga it's just me and my guitar, yeah bitch im heavy metaling,
you can get the fucking Led Zeppelin,
nigga's is bitches, bitches i think they full of estrogen,
and we hold court, and take your life for a settlement
yes i'm the best, and no i ain't positive, im definite,
i know the game like im reffing it,
this is the carter, the carter III, the new testament,
and im the God, and this is what i bless them with

Bitch I'm me! I'm me! I'm me! I'm me!
Baby I'm me, so who you? You're not me! You're not me!
and i know that ain't fair, but i don't care!
i'm a mother fucking cash money millionaire!
i know that ain't fair, but i don't care!
i'm a mother fucking cash money millionaire!

[Verse 2]
it's cash money over everything,
it's in my blood, i feel it running in every vein,
i'm from the mud, I am a missle like a skud,
whats really good, im about that ruckus like thud,
and i stay on flow at cash money like a rug,
tied to the fucking birdman like a lug
and dear mr. ronald williams, to you i shall forever give thanks like a pilgrim cash million, heir the the throne, going at their heads like hair in a comb,
sitting by the window, i just stare at the storm
know i might get through it like hair in a comb
yeah money over bitches, my nigga's trust my sisters,
and i will take, or trash with the lord as my witness
and you all have witnessed, but i am not finished
so keep your mouth closed and let your eyes listen

[Verse 3]
last year they had the grammies, and left me in miami,
sleeping on a nigga, like im rapping in my jammies,
i'm rapping when you sleep, i was rapping when you were in jammies,
Mel gibson flow lethal weapon book 'em danny,
i'm a monster i tell you, monster Wayne,
i have just swallowed the key to the house of pain,
and now im stuck here to deal with the house's pain,
fuck with me, i will peel like the houses paint
let's go,
nigga's don't see me cuz im better than both,
the only time i will depend is when im seventy years old,
that's when i can't hold my shit within, so i shit on myself,
cuz im so sick and tired of shitting on everybody else,
im trying to tell ya like im saying something,
im from the dirty like the bottom of my pants cuff,
and there ain't nothing that's gonna stop me,
so just envy it, hey, ill accept a friendly quits, haha
yeah, im me, im me, bitch im me, baby im me,
so who you, fuck you, your not me
and i know that ain't fair but i don't care, im a mother fucking cash money millionaire,
and i know that ain't fair,
but I am a mother fucking cash money millionaire,
Lyrics submitted by Michael.