I'm Home
by Jaill

I was shouting in the fog
And the crowd was chanting from
And I took my bow
There's a self-made man, here I am again

Listening to the least of minds and they're taking most the time
And they drag me down
I have found him now
Bow tie spins around

There's a vampire in my head
Singing "I'll sleep when I'm dead"
Tux between his teeth
Plays an air guitar
Sets a whole new bar

Climb a mountain of the stress
Where it tends to cause my chest and my vision stir
When it do, it does, but it does not rest

There's a fight to be the best
But it never leaves my chest
And then I get up and stomp
And I'm home
And I'm home

I was taken by surprise
To a party thrown by light and dark cornered friends
How I count the trends
Til the evening ends

But don't take me away
In a jacket so straight
I thought going crazy would
Be much more fun
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