I'm Bout tha Stax (Intro)
by Soulja Boy Tell Em

Im bout the swagg
Im bout the ice
Im bout to cop me one tonight
I dont really care da price, cuz my bank roll right
Riddin on Toyota on Panola thats how we get it dog
On Panola i was holdin 45 listen dog. 45 tickets stashed in my new dickies man, a S.O.D charm piece man dats 50 grand
Arab tatted up and Gathered up the whole gwopp. SODGang 6 figures quarter million cars

Im bout tha cars, Im bout tha swagg, Im bout tha whip, Im bout tha rag, Im bout the bricks, Im bout the flips, I'm bout tha chips, Im bout tha dips
I'm bout 2 (stax 4x) somethin (repeat chourus)

[verse 2]
Im bout to bank, Im bout to volt, im bout to this aint wat u thought of. Im riddin clean I got gwop, Im doin me im on the top, Im bout tha ice im bout the shine. Im bout tha work Im bout tha grind. Im bout tha get em got em, see em, saw em, gettin every dolla dog. When u see me pop ya colla, ima throw out every dolla. Soulja Boy is not a scholar, backpack full of a million dollas, gettem SOD we got em Scream SOD we hollarin. Too much swagg extra ballin, Ima moneyholic


[verse 3]
Man im a trapa-holic, rap-o-holic hustler, go down on your decimal, make me a customer. SOD machine dont need no cash register, all the money added up, pass me the duffle, bag full of grands, couple bands understand. Im the man when i land over seas in Japan, i see you wishin need to quit it, you cant get like me, a lot of rappers mad cuz they cant make no hit like me.


Cars, swagg, whip , rag, bricks, flips, chips dips
stax stax talk stax stax somethin
im bout tha stax stax talk stax stack somethin
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