(verse 1)
We've been known to get wild, let our hair hang down,
drink till we get marry, rollin' on the ground.
We've cranked up the music and danced all around,
shouting hallelujah as His glory came down.
It's just our style, the way we do our thing,
we're the Penecostals baptized in Jesus' name.

I'm a Penecostal, I am not ashamed,
just read the book of Acts, we are still the same,
we worship only one God, Jesus is His name.
We are Apostolic, in every way.

(verse 2)
Some think we're crazy, others think we're strange,
but when I got this Holy Ghost I could not contain it, no.
More exceiting than a party, higher than a drug,
it's the greatest feeling being washed in His Blood.
If you're tired of traditions, religions done you wrong,
you're feeling dry and empty, no longer have a song.

(verse 3)
The story is not over, things for you can change,
you can feel the fire burning, as the Spirit fans the flame.
There's millions who have come, and millions on the way,
they're leaving there dead churches for this Penecostal faith.
There's a hunger in the World that gets stronger everyday,
They're crying out for Penecost and that is why I say....
Lyrics submitted by Rachel Ann.