I'm a Mess
by Nick Lowe

I should be filling rooms with the sweet smell of success
I'm a mess look at what I've been reduced to
I don't blame you for sayin' no when you should have said yes
But darlin', darlin', darlin', look at me now I'm a mess

I'm a mess, I'm a wreck
I'm really on the deck
I'm a mess, look at how I'm living
Some of these days I'm gonna get back on my feet and quit this blue address
But darlin', darlin', darlin', in the meantime I'm a mess

The smart set, I used to run around with are invisible now
They all cut me loose when one said that what I've got might just rub of on
Them somehow
I'm a mess, for want of your caress
Darlin', darlin', darlin', look at me now I'm a mess
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