I'm a Girl
by Nashville Cast

I can rock a Target tank top
Gucci sunglasses
cheap flip flops
and still look like a million bucks to you
You know it´s true

Throw my hair up and be ready to go
Spend all night trying on clothes
I can make up –
and blame it all on you

You wouldn´t understand it

I´m a girl, oh yea
I can get a free drink from flipping my hair
Stay home
with a bottle of wine
and you

I´m a girl, I got skills
I can dance all night in five inch heels
Can make you feel like the luckiest boy in the world
Cause I´m a girl

At a drop of a hat
When I get pulled over for going too fast
Drive away with his phone number too

I´m an expert in chocolate and Chinese food
And at that time of the month, I feel sorry for you
I´m a pain, shoot
Ain´t nothing you can do

I like my men real tall
well, I kinda like them all

I´m a girl, oh yeah