Ill Mind Of Hopsin 6
by Hopsin

I remember the first time you overdosed
A fucking overload on meth, paramedics saved your ass, you were close to go
You never did know which road to go, Its like you rowed your boat and sailed away and hoped to hit the golden coast.
But you sank like the titanic, the indecent left your life damaged, and that's when I panicked.
You thought you had it locked, when you aint on the right planet, If your tryna live your life right, plan it.
Its like your mind vanished, you aint even know that.
I wish that we could go back cause its so sad when I tell jokes and you dont laugh like you used to.
I really hate to stress it but it strange to mess with, so I keep my distance cause you always got this blank expression.
Like you confused and unaware of your surroundings, roaches have gone and no ones found it, its overwhelming.
Your mama told you that drugs are bad, but you aint listen till the fire burned your ass, now you understand.
Lyrics submitted by Kieran Maurice.