If You Can Dream
by Disney

There is a world where hopes and dreams can lst for a time
A wonderous place to go, youll know it when your heart finds

Hearing our song as old as rhyme, hold my hand were gonna fly
what a magic ride and just to kiss away

If you can dream a wish were making on a star thats coming true
the colors of the wind will lead my heart right back to you
Cause If you can dream reflections in a diamond sky come shining all through
Romance will always be so new and love will save the day if you can dream

Someday my prince will come its certain as the sunrise
one day the slipper fits and you see the love in his eyes
Its the tale as old as time theres no mountain we cant climb
When your finally mine and just to kiss away


So the story goes never died a rose
theres a whole new world waiting there for us (waiting just for us)

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