If You Ask
by Faith Hill

Well,I've come to know the look on your face
When you're lying about where you've been
Or how much you spent

I know when you will raise your fingers
To your mouth as if to wipe away the shame
It's not a game I know you feel bad

If you ask for my forgiveness
If you call my name,I will come
If you ask for my love I will give you some

Someday I know you'll understand
Someday you'll finally realize
What you're doin' to yourself

(Rpt. Chorus)

We've been dancin' to that same old song
Over and over again
I wanna be you lover
I don't wanna be your policeman

So tonight when you finally make your way
Back to our door
I'll let you sleep it off
Like I did the night before

When you ask for my forgiveness
When you call my name I will come
When you ask for my love i will give you some

In the morning I will get you up
And I will smile just when you want me to
Cuz I'm,I'm all you have
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