If I Had Wings
by Darius Rucker

Verse 1:
Why do we hate? Why do we suffer?
Why do we make our mistakes, and constantly blame one another?
Why is there war, and why is there killing?
Have we forgotten some secret we knew back when we were just children?

If I had wings, I'd fly up to heaven. I'd look down from the clouds, on every thing....
then I could find all the things we've been missin'. I would have all the answers...if I had wings.

Verse 2:
Like why I am here, and where did I come from;
and where will I go when my time here on this earth is done,
and what would I leave that would go on forever?
Oh no, and what can I do while I'm here to make someone's life better?


If I had wings I would fly up to heaven.... Oh I would have all the answers...... if I had wings

Instrumental Interlude
Lyrics submitted by Brianna.