I Wonder
by Lil' Boosie

Thank abt It
Thank abt it
I wonda if god luv meh(do he luv me)
Then he shuld undastand lyfe on dyx earth wen u thuggin
Killin mii famiily and mi dogs
so im luking at da wall staring asking
i wonda if god luv me
den he shuld undastand lyfe on dyx earth wen u thuggin


u fuqqin ryte bt it sems to me dat he dnt luv our lyfe
we were ment to die old and gray wth families
nw up in da coffin at 16 jux 4 tryna get green
i still pray bt im scared dat u went away
cux u knw dat mii daddy wuldnt your deadly take
we were born wth da devil in our hood crack cocaine
its eitha get a job or u slang
u knw da game
and Growl dead, Ro dead
mii niqqa Dee too
dry gav Dyvel Jacobs 12
mii niqqa D throuqh
so im speakinq to u
askinq u do u luv us
or we were jux sent here to die so uqly
thuqqin 4 years
Hip wiped all mii tears
holdinq mii head kux i knw hw da game is
dey say da lyfe we live we myte not see 30
and dats wat got mii fuqqin head hurtinq


sum ppl dnt kill bt dey still die
all kux dey daddy killed 5
mii momo she holdinq on mii moma gettinq old
mii friends dwn to vibe
had to bury one mo
wen dey carry mii soul put meh where mii pa at
keep mii dauqhter str8 and giv her strenqth wen she fall baqq
a plane jux fell out da sky 4 no reason
dats 220 passenqers of da season
Bin Laden aint playinq aqe neitha
u supposed to hav a cure 4 dat if u culd sav ppl
maybe we were tld lies in sunday skool im thankiinq
mii auntiie wux da preacher she wux alwayx drankiinq
niqqa dyx is more than a questiion
niqqa dys real lyfe
get paroll at 50 datx real lyfe
I'd seen niiqas kiilled twiced died and kum baqq
get baqq out chea in dyx world nw ur lies fall flat


dey got meh thinkinq lyke pac
as lnq as i dnt leave dyx muuthafucker up in a box
Reincarnation shyt hell no I'd rather i chest blow
bt im still gne be dead doe
fuqq it its a gamble boy bt u always winninq
and we barely hav da luck so we always sendinq
why knt everybodii be up in beverly hills
instead of gettinq killed kux dey get it hw dey live
shyt we still slaves aint shyt chanqed since we off of da farms
we still gotta behave wen a officer kum
dyx aint no ordinary song dyx sum shyt 4 u to study
so u kan ask dyx question if u find da u be thuqqin
i wonda if he luv me shyt yeah
datx da main reason i be gettinq dem pills 4rm Syndey
dyx lyfe is wicked wen u thuqqinq
and u always wanna knw

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