I Want You [Remix][*]
by Lloyd

andrea 3000
i said wut time you get off she said when you
get me off i knida laugh but it turned into a
cough cuz i swalloed down the worng
pipe wut ever dat means
u kno old people say it so it sound
right so im standing there embressed
if we were both in paris i would have grabed her
by the waist nd kissed
her but we in the middle of whole foods nd those fools
anit supposed to b but i check da line got rowdy '
my vision got crowdy stared seeing cricles like some owdy
lumbylum hearing them say come on man do this on your
own time get the hell on man i walked out about
half way to car when i heard shawty shout 3000
forgot your cridet card smart move by the wat
my lilttle sister loves your cartoon well hears ma
name nd num if i anit the one lose it if i am use
it if a man chooses and he can use it and
he dont, dont take it personal he might be sumps
with makeing mazerrla no with making worlds
better chesse would come belive me um never
focased on the cash ask mel gibbson jesus
christ im bout to pass..


stop let me bring dat thing back
u kno were ma heart at shawty show
yo boy some love cuz ima bout to lose it
love da way u move it lets get right here and get to it
girl tell me wut it do ill change da game for u
ima player yes its true

but can i b 4real this is how i feel
im in need in of love so lets dip up out of here
oh you jus ma type every thing so right nd i just want to chill
so lets dip up out of here lets dip up out of here

ha-ha-ha haaa-ha
she fine to but i want you
shes fine to but i want you

ill admit it this just anit no game
these just anit no words that im spitin
if you could see the thought thats in ma head
(thats in ma head,im trippen)
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