I Want You Bad (And That Ain't Good)
by Collin Raye

Baby please don't get too close to me
Cause that ring you're wearin'
Says that you're not free
But if I said I didn't want ya
Well you know I'd be a liar
You better run while there's still time
Cause I can't stop this fire
I want you bad I can't help myself
But you belong to someone else
I'd leave you alone, darling, if I could
But I want you bad and that ain't good

Baby please put away those ruby lips
And those big blue eyes
Are too hard to resist
I'm not that kind of man
Oh and usually I'm strong
But it's gettin' hard to tell between
What's right and what is wrong
I want you bad I can't help myself,
I want you bad girl that ain't good
I want you bad bad bad that ain't good
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