I Need You Once Again
by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Decisions must be made
And now I have a choice
I need your wisdom Lord
I need to hear your voice
I'm facing challenges
And the walls are closing in
I'm crying out to you
My one true faithful friend

Hear my prayer, oh! Lord
I need you in my life
I cry to you, oh! Lord
Please lead me to the light
Show me the way, oh! Lord
And cleanse me from my sins
(Jesus I need you)
I need you, I need you once again

I know you are the one
That guides me day by day
The answers found in you
You're the truth, the life, the way
When others seem to fail
And darkness is all around
Lord you're always standing there
You're the one true hope i found

I need you beside me
I need you to guide me
I need you, please hear me
I need you, be near me
Lyrics submitted by Mary Edet.