I Like the Way You Love Me
by Lil Rob

i saw you kickin' back down the block
you stole my breathe icouldnt talk couldn't walk
Couldnt breathe please don't leave
you might be the one i need
hopefully we'll talk eventually
Do You Mention Me?
Whenn You Talk to your friends
so how i hope you do
Iwanna get close to you do you notice me, notice you
ilove everything you do, idont even know you
i Do
do You Want Me? Cause' i want you
And i'll do what i got to
everytime i dream it's about you.

whether you thrill me to my soul
and i like it, and i like it alll sooo
And ITell To My Self ahh
deep down inside
i could never let you go

Girll i like the way you lovinn' me
never pushin' , shovinn me
call me when you do
you never buggin me
always on the game, plus you always
lookin' lovely !
Baby put your trust in me
tell me all your thoughts ma'
do you wannah roll nd chill back at the
spot, chillen after dark,
You Got My heart
pluss you always roll with me inside you heart
iknow exactly who you are
never have to fake it
anything you want is in your palms
whether your with your friends, chillen
with me rollin' up inside the car
'til the break of dawn
you know it's on
bumpin' to some oldies dedicated you this song
sayin' love is strong
then im advicine you to brake it down
and do your thing and bring it on
Ma' You know im on a mission thinkin bout tuison
like Ralphy Pagan, I jus' wanna know your kisses
sayin you wanna be my misses
and you dont care if im in the buisness
From the way you lick your lips
walk and shake your hips
tell me that your lovin this
pluss i reminise having thoughts of me nd you chillen'
while i tell you this

cuz' i like the way you love me, love me
thrill me, chill me, love mee ohh babyy
ohh girll ohh

everytime you kiss me fills me from my head to feet
and i tell myself Ahh deep down insida there will never be no one else forr me
cuz' ilike the way you love me, love me
thrill me, chill me, loveee meee !!
ohhh babbyyy
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