I Just Want to Love You
by Lonestar

Baby come sit down beside me
I wanna hear all about your day
There was a pile up on the interstate
I'm sorry that I got home so late
I thought about you all the way home
Can we leave the TV off tonight
Unplug the phone

I just want to love you
More than anything else
More than life itself
More than ever baby
I just want to hold you
Touch the heat on your skin
Again and again and again
Let's shut out the world, dim all the lights
Baby tonight
I just want to love you

We can a couple candles
And watch the shadows dance on the wall
While we're moving through the silence
To the rhythm of our own song
I don't wanna fall asleep tonight
Don't wanna think about tomorrow
Baby I

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written by Angelettie, Deric Micheal / James, Rick / Hugo, Chad / Combs, Sean / Williams, Pharrell L / Carter, Shawn C / Wallace, Christopher / Betha, Mason / Shaw, Todd Anthony / Walker, Kit
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