I Got a Thing for You
by Trina

chours: i got a thang for u baby u know
dont want to take slow i want to get to know u
dont want to play no games listen to what im sayin
i got thang for you baby you know

i got a thang for you and it huts me cause im holdin back im so thirsty
when i open my eyes you better work inside for a promise that you wont
hurt me wit here we go here we go again and i aint got time for lies and this
time i aint lookin for a friend i need a man thats goin winde and dine me every time you
look you find me male hoppin and fine see and plus he all mine see he brad pitt im jolie
when we together we all we see k-i-s-s-i-n-g i got a thang 4 u so how u fell about
chours x2
damm you got me wide open and i know you sayin im chokin cause the boys in the past
just couldint last thats the reason youve been chosen wit hevan sent the one who walk away just hold me tightly in your arms and tell me evry day
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