I Don't Mind
by Lloyd

oh ooh oh oh ooh ooooh oh (hey hey)
oooooooh hey heey(hey hey)
this goin out to all the ladies ya know,
you know what time it is when i
come through the door man
(hey hey yeah man)

(verse 1)
girl i came to see ya in this club tonight (tonight tonight)
girl i know you bout to show me some love tonight (tonight tonight)
girl i know how you do it
and thats why you smiling babe
i like how you move it,
the way that your grindin bae,
girl live it up! show me that you mean it
work it all around, i got what you need

girl i know just what you want,
its about to be strom baby watch me make it rain (watch me make it rain)
got a pocket full of doe and i came to blow it all baby,
money ain't a thing(baby money ain't a thing)
i see you on the pole,and i don't mind spending
on girl yo body for sure,and baby i don't mind spending
girl i can give you some more, cuz baby i don't mind spending
it ain't trickin' if you got it
so watch it ,like it,try it

(verse 2)
girl tonight im gonna let you feel something you felt
before(before before)hey
forget the one's and the ten's girl
tonight im throwing dubs and more(and more and moreand more)
now i see that your open in every way
girl im so focused i ain't here to play
now where is the waitress with my drink?
so i can pour a little something sip a little something,
maybe trick a little something


lets go somewhere privateim on tonight
and im loving what you doing to me
bring your friends cuz baby im gonna spend
more than youv'e ever seen
its getting crazy cuz your calling me baby
and i might just believe it tonight
ooh girl run it back,i still gotta stack
your my reality i got what you need

ooohhh oh hey hey hey
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