I Can't Stop Loving You
by Kem

Verse I: I think about the day I met the perfect stranger; I think about us.
And think about the day I got a wrapped around your finger, I think about us.
The sun was shinin' on you; the Lord was smilin' on me.
And love was callin' us, I had my mind made up.

And I can't stop lovin' you; I can't help help myself.
And I can't get over you; No matter what I tell myself baby.

Verse II: Never thought I'd love anyone else in my weakness; I think about us.
And I think about the day you left without speakin'; I think about us.
I think about the love we have for our children; I think about us. humm bayy.
I think about the way we laugh with out a reason; I think about us girl, hey yeah.

There will be no more lies;
somebody tell me why I feel like I'm dyin',
Lord what's come over me;
ooh baby can't you see.

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