I Ain't Got It All That Bad
by Montgomery Gentry

Well I ain't got It all that bad,
there's tougher lies I might have had,
Sometimes I live hand to mouth,
But there are those that go without,
Might be things I wish I had,
But when I look at where I'm at,
I ain't got It all that bad

In my time I've tried it all,
Free love drugs and alco--hol,
Got loaded up to kiss the sky
Just about kissed the world good-bye,
there are those that never made it back,
Me I got lucky and found a lenon path,
Hey I ain't got It all that bad

I've got my sunshine and a few good friends I've found,
A roof to give me shelter when the rain comes down,
I've got tomorrow in a promise that he brings,
A new chance that still worth takin,
And a dream that still has wings

These days I don't ask for much,
Just the grace of God and my woman's touch,
Strength each day to face the fight,
And a place in someone's prayers at night,
Life and love to love and laugh,
IF I end up with half of that,
I ain't got it all that bad,
I ain't got it all that bad,
I ain't got it all that bad
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written by Thurston, Jamie Lee / Rutherford, Rivers / Teren, George
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