Are you worth
your weight
in gold?
‘Cause you’re behind my
eyelids when I’m all alone.
Hey stranger, I want ya to
catch me like a cold. You and
God both got the guns. And
when you shoot, I think I’d
duck. I led the revolution in
my bedroom, and I set all the
zippers free. We said, “No
more war! No more clothes!
Give me peace! Oh, kiss me!”

Hey hey , we are a hurricane.
Drop our anchors in a storm. Hey, they will
never be the same. A fire
in a flask to keep us warm.
‘Cause they know, and I
know, that they don’t look
or sound like me!

Oh I’d confess,
I’d confess.
In a room
where I’m blessed. But he
didn’t come and speak to me,
or put my heart at ease. And
I believe that, half the time,
I am a wolf among
the sheep gnawing at
the wool over my eyes
Lyrics submitted by Gali.